baby girl k and i are city people.  we live in a highrise one bedroom condo downtown among the city skyscrapers.  one day when we’re ready, we’ll buy a nice, bigger home farther out in the city where baby girl k can grow up.  but until then, we’re making due where we are because we just aren’t ready to give up our great views, our fantastic neighborhood, and all the conveniences of a high rise (uhhh hullooo… heated indoor garage on below freezing mornings.  and the pool on hot summer afternoons. sooo niiice.)

so, for the time being, i’m sharing a bedroom with baby girl k.  i mean, she’s tiny… she doesn’t need a lot of room yet, right?  but i wanted to make a special area for her.  i googled and googled and googled.  but i couldn’t find any info on or examples of nursery areas for a baby in a one bedroom condo or apartment.  i wasn’t going to let that stop me.

i cleared out a corner for baby girl k in our bedroom, which is luckily pretty good-sized. i made some wall art and ordered a wall decal of a pink blossom tree.  i sewed bedding using multicolor material that worked well with our neutral colors already in the room.  we used a tall skinny dresser and a mini-crib to save space.  and we put her changing table in the bathroom, which i think has turned out to be more convenient than putting in our bedroom.  it’s great having her diapering products and changing her in an area that’s easy to sanitize.  perhaps i’ll post about that later, but for now, here are some shots of the nursery corner in our bedroom.  even though patrick swayze wouldn’t be happy about us putting baby girl k in the corner, i think it turned out quite nice!

babys corner

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