i’m far from the first mommy to post what they are packing for the hospital. but, because i have read a number of posts on the subject, i’ve a pretty good idea of what’s best to bring for me (everyone’s different, right?).  so here’s what i’m packing for myself for the hospital.   so, let’s begin with a photo of everything, in case you’re uber preggie tired too:

mommy hospital bag

mommy’s hospital bag

let’s start from the top…

my mommy bag:  at first i had tried packing a small duffel bag, but i soon realized that once we get to the hospital, i’d be digging around, making a mess of the bag since it doesn’t have compartments.  so, i decided to use my trusty small roller bag that i’m used to packing/unpacking from the hundreds of flights i’ve taken for work and personal travel.  plus, it’ll be easier to pull than carry over my shoulder when leaving the hospital.

inside my mommy bag:
– matching, comfy robe and pj top/bottoms.  the top has a loose elastic neckline for easy feeding access when baby girl k arrives.  the bottoms are extra loose with a drawstring in case i end up with a c-section or episiotomy.
– navy shirt and stretchy loose khakis for pics and going home.  our hospital has a photography team that comes to your room and does really nice pro photos of the baby/family.
– extra set of pj top/bottoms and nursing cami.
– three nursing bras.  our hospital averages three-day stays.
– three pairs of dark colored boy short undies.  to hold the post-delivery thunder pads.  i’m trying to avoid the disposable mesh undies from the hospital that i hear come in thousand-count boxes with acme stamped on the side.
– three pairs of comfy socks.
– pair of slippers.  for doing hotlaps around the halls during labor.
– toiletry bag.  because i’ve done so much travel for work, i always have this stocked and ready to go.  it has all the typical toiletries, and i made extra sure that i have headbands, hair ties, glasses in case of c-section, and extra contacts.
– tech bag.  see below.
– mommy after-delivery kit.  see below.
– depends.  sexy, right?  but i’ll be damned if i’m wearing the acme undies. i hear the first and second day are the worst of post-delivery bleeding, and the last thing i want to worry about is if the thunder pads are staying put or need changing every 15min.

tech bag:
– point and shoot camera
.  i have a nice semi-pro camera, but thought this would be easier for daddy/visitors/nurses to use, and it packs much lighter.
– notepad and pen. 
for, duh, notes.
– kindle
.  with a few new books pre-installed.
– cell phone.
– charger plug and cables.
– charging cell. 
in case my phone/kindle dies, and i don’t want to be tethered to the wall.
– camera battery charger.
– old phone. 
our hospital has docking stations, so we can play tunes.

mommy after-delivery kit:  the really sexy stuff.
– disposable nursing pads.
– gum.
– anti-bacterial hand gel.
– sea bands.  in case i feel nauseous.
– prep-h.
– soothing nursing goo.
– lip balm.
– tums.
– stool softener.
– witch hazel.   in a spray bottle.
– thunder pads.  XL maxi pads for when i get past needing those sexy depends.

not shown:
– i’ll be bringing a pillow.
– as we get closer, i’ll have a small bag of healthy snacks and hard candy.
– i’m working on a little gift for the nurse(s) since our hospital tries to assign families to the same one or two, so we will be getting to know ours well.
– our file with pre-filled paperwork, pediatrician info, emergency contacts, etc.

ok, uber tired preggie here needs to hit the hay.  ZZZzzz…

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